Painting at the Met – Day 1


I really can’t believe that I am painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Compleeeetely unreal!! I think I was shaking from both nerves and excitement the entire time! hahaha. I was actually sore the next day :/

Anywaaayyy, for those of you not following me on Instagram, I am participating in the Met’s Copyist Program. It lasts for 8 weeks on Wednesdays from 12.30-4pm (3/21-4/11). I’m copying Frederick Edwin Church’s Heart of the Andes, focusing on the little story – the  quaint village, mourning villagers, and rushing waterfall. It is one of my favorites and contains what I need to learn in order to start creating my own visual stories. As one bystander said to me, “What an ambitious painting! Good Luck!” Wow, do I need it 🙂 but bring in on, Church!

A huge thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC for this amazing opportunity. I highly recommend that every artist apply!

Met Copyist Program:

High Res. of Heart of the Andes


With little time to prepare, I decided to trace Church’s drawing onto my canvas (10″x20″).  I really wanted to focus only on the painting and not have to worry about drawing mistakes and distortions. After transferring, I decided to complete a wipeout, which is basically a quick, warm, tonal version of the painting. I used burnt umber and burnt sienna and lifted out the lightest moments with turp. This set up my value scale and had me one step closer to a finished copy….. Much, much easier than starting on bare canvas 🙂

Why not a colored underpainting instead? Well, I still struggle judging color and value together. I had one day to complete either a monochrome wipeout or a colored ebauche and basically chose the method I am most comfortable with. Yes, I will continue to practice color underpaintings, but this wasn’t the time for it.


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