Deborah Rodrigues in front of schoolWelcome!

Hi! My name is Deborah Rodrigues (Debs), and I grew up and currently live in Mountain Lakes, NJ. I am a classically trained representational artist. I have been drawing and creating stories since I first opened a picture book in my hometown library. Living in suburbia (paradise for little me) and near magical New York City always stirred my imagination and continually inspires me to paint and draw the scenes I love.


I started officially studying classical, representational art with Colleen Gallo at Gallo Studios in Boonton, NJ. In 2017, I completed a rigorous training at Grand Central Atelier (GCA) under Jacob Collins. GCA is an intense, four-year, classical art school in Long Island City, Queens, NY,  following the traditional approach of the 19th century old masters. There, I studied drawing in pencil and charcoal, oil painting, sculpture, ink, anatomy, figure, portrait, and still life. I participated regularly in figure and portrait competitions. Two of my artworks also represent my school in the Classicist No. 14, the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art’s annual journal.

Capturing Memories

I love to paint stories. They are what make me smile, laugh, and cry; they bring back memories. Whether I’m painting a landscape, portrait, still life, or a combination of all three, I look for the message or spirit behind what I see and try to transport others into another world. As children, we all grow up reading, watching, and/or playing make believe, yet as adults we often forget to pause our busy lives and see the scenes around us through a child’s imaginative perspective. Paintings are a quiet escape. They capture moments, standing still yet passing through generations. Let me paint your story.

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